Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Detox is Toxic Energy Leaving You

When we are feeling heavy or tired all the time we know will benefit by detoxing our bodies from all the junk foods we have been giving our bodies.  If you have done this–You know it is rough. You feel, well–poopy. Then you start feeling better, as your body flushes and your body becomes clean, you remember why you went through all the trouble.

You feel not only Clean -but- Energized, Refreshed, Light–Amazing!

not right

Your Chakras and your Aura hold energy. When Energy has blocks (ie. Life Happens), your Chakras and Aura become blocked/mis-shaped. They overflow or run tight or slow down or stretch wide and life feels chaotic. Much like the picture here.

When an Energy healing is given the energy that is no longer serving you and or energy that you picked up that isn’t yours–begins to let go.

Your Energy starts to sync to your true state.

This is the hardest part. We feel a Spiritual Detox because we are over-flowed with the energy release or we resist letting go. (I know I am guilty of not wanting to let go.)

Shifting is Healing

Spiritual Detox Includes

  • Headache
  • Tired
  • Cold or Flu-like symptoms
  • Slight fever (1 or 2 degrees higher body temperature than your normal temperature)
  • Extra energy
  • Less sleep / awaking early
  • Emotional
  • Digestive issues
  • Muscle aches or pains

Detox can begin during your session and last as long as 21 days-

What to Do. . .

Drink plenty of water
Eat healthy (or try)
Meditate when you can
Be Self Aware–

If you recognize a feeling or memory-rather it be a thought or felt physically- that you want to let go or you thought no longer bothered you–Say hello, tell it thank you but it can leave now. take a deep breath and breathe it out–let it go. Do it again until you feel the release. If you need somewhere to let it go–visit my Letting Go page.

What is Next. . .

aligned chakras

Realizing you are and always have been connected to the Supreme Being. God. That you have  a Divine Truth within You.

Always Shining.

Always Connected.

Your True Self.

And–Now. . . All the Clouds have Cleared!

-Energy Healing Is-

 Shifting your Energy. Releasing. Healing. Growing. Glowing!

Remember: Life happens to all of us. We all forget or get triggered into situations and may create energy blocks again. You have the tools and or know who to connect to, to clean those out of your system

– and remember you are Powerful.

You will become more aware of your energy and will recognize when you have blockages and you will be able to clear them or even keep them from sticking in your energy space at all.