Distance Reiki

In essence everything is energy and cannot be destroyed” Ted Andrews.


We are All Energy. Reiki is connecting to Universal Life Force Energy (God, Supreme Being). Distance Reiki healing is connecting to Universal Life Force Energy with the Intention of reaching another’s Energy.

Energy Just Is. Universal Life Force Energy-The All Mighty Source of All Energy–Is Limitless–Has No Boundaries, No Space Restrictions, No Timeline.

Time and Space are created to give us a perceived order to our lives.

When I came to realize this I must admit my mind was blown. It took some time (haha) for me to wrap my mind around it.  Yet, as I developed and grew with learning Reiki, It really is the only way to make sense of this mess we often feel like we are just surviving.

With Reiki in my life I feel Connected.
In Sync.
I am Actually Tuned In to Living.

Distance Healing is Possible and Powerful. When you send a request for a healing and I become aware of the request -I connect to  the energy you send out and when connected I direct Reiki  to your unique energy. Just by knowing your name and healing request I am answering the call or picking up the line–we could say.  All without a pause in your routine.

Reiki is Divine Energy. You are  a reflection of the Divine and the Divine knows You – Knows exactly how and where you need healing the most . I am only a channel directing the request to shift your energy to your healing journey.

Distance Healing sessions are equally effective to an office visit or from the distance across town, across the country or across the world.

Shifting your Energy and releasing blockages of energy that are no longer serving you is the easy part. Letting go is the tough part.

You looked for healing, so in this I know–you are ready to do it. To shift your energy and Let Go. To Heal.

Learn about Spiritual detox here to help with letting go.

connecting the distance