Reiki Basics

Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy

Energy. We are All Energy. Everyone and Everything is Energy. Energy is Us.

Can we recognize or feel Reiki?

 feeling life force energyWhen we have had a rough day and have a moment–it is natural that to take a big breath–& . . .Sigh. . . That moment – that you feel the tension release, You are reconnecting with Life Force Energy. 

(Note–That moment is Meditation. So if you want to learn meditation it can begin in the awareness of that Breath–knowing that you let go of the outside for a second and reconnected.)

After a few hours, or a day, or a month, or even years of our energy being slowed down and blocked up, emotionally or physically (cause life is life) –We may not always feel like we have the time or energy to re-connect. And that is why you are here learning about how to get help shifting/healing from the inside.
Maybe — you need the assistance of a Reiki Master.

Everyone Always has that access and power to feel/connect to Reiki — Universal Life Force Energy.
Which Will Re-connect You with Your Power.


Rei = Universal/Vital

Ki = Energy 

Reiki: is an Energy Healing guided by a Reiki Master that transfers Energy, through the palms of their hands, to promote emotional and physical healing. It can be performed on people, animals, situations, locations, etc. Reiki is most often done for people and will focus on an individuals Chakras. Reiki can also be to a specific body area or to the individuals life energy (aura) as well.

Touching is not necessary; although, some do use hands on. The hands hover above the Chakra and intention is expressed to remove energy blockages and promote healing. Each Chakra & intention has a turn.

The individual receiving the session may express a specific intention/need they would like focused on for their healing.

example: If the individual is having troubles with a knee–then intention and direction of the Reiki may be directed to that need as well as each Chakra.

example: If the individual is having a difficult time at work with a situation. That ‘situation’ also has energy. Intention to clear the tension (energy blockages) and answers to become clear, can also receive Reiki as well as clearing the individual.

Reiki can be administered to any specific area of the body or to the energy body of an individual. It can also be done toward a situation or place, past or present, to clear and free blocked energies. And can be done in a healing center, work office, clinical office, home setting,  and from any distance.


Chakra: is a Sanskrit word that translates to “disk” or “wheel” and refers to the energy centers in the body. There are seven main chakras that run along your spine. They start at the root, or base, of your spine and extend to just above the crown of your head. There are numerous Chakras that flow above and below. I focus on the main 7 as well as including the Earth Star Chakra.
Learn more about Chakras here.

The Reiki Master: One does not develop special powers by training to be a Reiki Master. We are all Always connected to Life Force Energy. Remembering, recognizing and connecting to through practice are the basics of Reiki. It is important to know the benefits and healing do not come from the Reiki Master. Yes, they learn to Connect to, Activate and Guide — Life Force Energy/ White Light/ Divine Energy — Higher Power Does the Healing Work.

Higher Power, All that is, God — knows better than I or even yourself, in many cases, what it is you need, where to clear blocks and where healing is most needed.

Intention can be set – what is your reason for wanting Reiki? (physical, emotional, personal, work related, past, present) Everything is Energy – therefore, anything & everything can receive Reiki – The biggest step is letting go and letting Higher Power. 

Reiki is Always used toward Good and with intention for the Highest Good of All.

Reiki is not connected to any Religion or Spiritual practice. Reiki is the Life Force Energy that flows through All that is Living.

Everyone has the ability to access/use Reiki. We are All already connected. It does take training and dedication to become a Reiki Master. Much like other interests or career paths one may choose to put time and energy into learning.

Reiki is also gaining in recognition within traditional healthcare services as supplemental to encourage speedier recovery and healing. Being offered in Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Addiction Treatment Centers, Hospice – and is growing in acknowledgment and acceptance of its benefits.

Reiki is intended to be complimentary and does not cure or replace healthcare.

Learn what to expect from a Distance Reiki Session & about Spiritual Detox.

Note: It is important to mention that being open to receive the healing is beneficial to a session. We are Energy and if we have an energy of resistance. Not being open or open minded to the healing. The Energy will be there – shifting your Energy – But, if you do not release it, it may not completely leave and relocate within you. It is up to You. 

“In the midst of darkness, light persists” Gandhi.